Monday, May 5, 2014

Stone Breath now on Bandcamp!

Well, we've done it: we've sold our souls to the Digital Devil. After years of resisting it, we had a band meeting and decided, at last, to make our music available via digital download. 

The ONLY way we're doing this - and the only official way to get Stone Breath digital downloads is through our Bandcamp page.

We are in the process of adding content now. Most of our songs/albums will be available via digital download but, for various reasons, some tracks will remain exclusive to the physical releases.

Besides understanding that many, many people exclusively buy and listen to their music digitally, our minds were primarily changed because of Bandcamp. Not only is it an excellent, user-friendly, artist-friendly service - it's where we end up doing quite a bit of our own music shopping these days.

We still want you to get the physical albums, given the choice. We feel that our albums are the ALBUMS - the music, art, and lyrics TOGETHER. In almost 50% of Bancamp orders we see from our other projects, the customer options to get the physical release as well, so we are hoping that trend continues as we venture into the land of 1's and 0's.

Stone Breath still has no intention of using iTunes, Amazon mp3, or any other services besides Bandcamp for digital distribution. We do not see the benefit of letting some huge corporation sell our songs alongside recordings of fart sounds and prank phone calls and pop music that has nothing in common with who we are and what we believe.

Bandcamp lets us get the music directly to you - and when you purchase music from our Bandcamp page, you are purchasing it directly from the band.

Stone Breath Bandcamp

To buy physical copies of our releases please go to DARK HOLLER ARTS

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