Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WEREWOLF SONGS limited edition lathe cut record

In the coming months, we will be issuing the second of our limited lathe-cut records, Werewolf Songs. This will be a square 7" ep with the following songs: Wake in Blood, Wolfskin, Skin / The Hunt. The first edition is limited to 33 copies. We may or may not decide to do a second edition. Each record will come with a CDr of the tracks on the 7" and a woven patch.
The patch will also be available separately from the record.

Our first lathe-cut record, Fire Beyond the Seventh Gate, sold out in a matter of days. Quite a few people complained about missing the first record, so we are posting everywhere we can think of to let people know about Werewolf Songs.

The cost will be $25.00 + postage. You can reserve a copy now by contacting us via email, facebook, or bandcamp.

(A note about the record: do not expect lathe cut records to have the same quality as vinyl records. this record is cut into a clear acrylic material. the grooves are somewhat shallower than standard - sometimes it takes a couple tries to situate the needle correctly - but the records do play.)

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