Thursday, July 28, 2016

CRYPTIDS and Beyond the Seventh Gate

We have finished recording, mixing, and mastering our new album, CRYPTIDS.

Song list:

In the Red Witch House
The Hidebehind
Long Lankin
I Know His Name
The Singing Corpse
The Red Dog Fox
Far Away the Morning
The Missing
Die Woolf Man's Grob
Apples for the Albatwitch

The album will be available soon to pre-order via Stone Breath's bandcamp and Dark Holler Arts.  
The CD edition will come with extra material - including two bonus songs (new recordings of previously released songs which fit the CRYPTIDS theme).

The line-up for this album was: Æ Hoskin, Timothy, and Rod Goelz - with guest appearances by Martyn Bates (Eyeless in Gaza) and Prydwyn.

While we were recording CRYPTIDS, Æ Hoskin and Timothy were also working on a book, Beyond the Seventh Gate. The book and the album cover some similar material and should be released at the same time. We will make packages available for those who wish to order both.

Pre-order information will be posted soon.

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