Saturday, June 9, 2018

New albums FALLOW and ENTITY DRIFT and new single HAINT available now

Stone Breath's Timothy has released two new albums...


Which consists of sparse folksongs, very much in the vein of Stone Breath. You can find FALLOW on bandcamp - available as a CD or digital.


Which is instrumental drone, dark ambience, and liminal hum created by Timothy for Strange Familiars Podcast. Available as a CD or digital, find ENTITY DRIFT on bandcamp.

At the same time, Timothy released a new single, HAINT:

Originally available as a 5" lathe cut record - there will be a very limited number of CDs available in the 5" record covers for those who prefer physical releases - otherwise, this single is available as a digital download at bandcamp. There may be one more copy of the lathe cut offered - so if you want the record, keep your eyes peeled on bandcamp or on the Stone Breath facebook page for that. 

We also made woven patches of Timothy's owl-witch design from the cover of HAINT:

Stone Breath will return...

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